Tapped Out
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The only thing worse than Michael Shaw's poor grades is his attitude to life. A bitter and tortured soul grieving the loss of his parents in a failed carjacking, he is fast spinning out of control.When he gets into major trouble with the police, Michael faces a community service order, arranging to serve his sentence at a martial arts school owned by Reggie, an old friend of his father. As Reggie recognises the misplaced anger in Michael's life, helping to rekindle his enthusiasm for Karate, Michael also discovers a new love interest in Reggie's niece Jen. But Michael's world is soon turned upside down when, attending an underground MMA fight, he recognizes the brutal and undefeated house champion Dominic Grey as the carjacker who killed his parents.With the help of Reggie, Michael muscles up - training harder than ever to fight in the tournament that will provide not only a moment of truth but the ultimate revenge.Also starring Martin Kove and featuring no-holds-barred MMA action from the likes of super stars Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, Tapped is a fist-flying, bone-crunching, bloody fight to the finish.
Starring Michael Biehn, Anderson Silva, Krzystof Soszynski
Director Allan Ungar