Target Locked
This film is described in a million male elite forces! They are the "wolf" ace army troops. Their outstanding military exploits, invincible, but in a modern war exercise encounters hitherto unknown fiasco. The new officers led around the center of the target and tactics, they experienced a "infantry special warfare" and fission. However, in an emergency, the elite special forces "flying fox" was shot into the bottom again. The honor of a soldier, a man's dignity, requires that they must wash away the shame and defeat the special forces. After a successful breakthrough, they faced a new modern war. Latent, reconnaissance, assault! Every soldier has become the forefront of the battlefield commander, they by satellite regulates missile launch and fighter bombing, armored raid. The target position was in flames, with an irresistible force of potential rushing thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. "Wolf" and "flying fox" to lock to the enemy headquarters launched a "decapitation"......
Starring Qijiang Wu, Yuan Nie, Ning Ning
Director Ron Dai