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Temptation is a dark and harrowing vampire tale set within the beating heart of London - a city that has become the nesting ground for a brood of bloodthirsty female vampires. Led by the mysterious Aurelie (Rachel Waters), their sole purpose is to feed off the blood of mankind and lure their victims to an agonising death. After a heavy night trawling the nightspots of the City with the girls, Isabel (Caroline Haines) gets more than she bargained for when she takes an illegal mini cab home. Raped and left for dead, Isable is saved by Aurelie who dispatches the cabbie and revives Isabel with a drop of her own, immortal blood. However Isabels ordeal is far from over as she spirals into a nightmare from which she may never awake - 48 hours in which to choose between a life of immortality and blood, or death.
Starring Caroline Haines, Rachel Waters, Laura Evans
Director Catherine Taylor