Ten Inch Hero
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Ten Inch Hero is much more than just a sandwich, it's a story about finding love where you least expect it. For the group of friends who work in a sandwich shop, it's an oasis on the complex journey through relationships, a place where they have each other to lean on as they find their way. Piper, an accomplished artist, comes to town in search of the child she gave up for adoption years earlier. Tish is a knockout... and a nymphomaniac. But when will she learn that sex is more than a weapon and find true love? The irreverent and horny Priestly dispenses free-wheeling comic advice to everyone, but how long can he hide his own feelings? Shy Jen watches life pass by, afraid to reach out, except through her e-mail romance with a mysterious stranger. Trucker, a surfer child of the 60's, knows about life. He owns the sub shop, after all. So why does he need his young staff to help him discover the love of his life?
Starring Elizabeth Harnois, Clea DuVall, Sean Flanery
Director David Mackay