Thagappan Samy
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The film begins with Kadhirvel (Prashanth), a do-gooder going all out to get water for his village. With monsoon repeatedly failing, his village reels under drought and Prashanth runs from pillar to post to get a well dug in the village. He manages to bring Shanmugham (Mahadevan), a water-divining expert to dig a well in the village. Shanmugham along with his wife and daughter Marikozhundhu (Pooja) come to the village. Unfortunately a freak mishap kills Shanmugham and the villagers' search for water continues. To eke out their livelihood, all the villagers led by Prashanth decide to leave the village with a heavy heart to take up employment in a farm house in Rajasthan. Upon reaching the place they come to know that they have been taken as bonded labourers and there is no way out but to work there tirelessly for the next three years. They undergo physical and mental torture from the greedy landlord Thakur Dass (Vincent Asokan). A silver lining in the cloud is Swapna (Namitha), Thakur's sister. She gets fascinated by Kadhirvel's heroics. The rest is how Kadhirvel fights for his men and helps them reach their village back without any danger and eventually marry Marikozhundhu.
Starring Namitha, Prashanth, Pooja Umashankar