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Balan (Mohanlal) is in search of Raju (Salim Ghouse) and the search takes him to a hillside. Balan reaches a house, where he is welcomed whole-heartedly by both Nanu (Sankaradi), the house owner, and Kochutty (Sumalatha), his daughter. Balan realizes that Raju stays with them as Raghavan. Balan comes to know that Nanu has helped Raju to start farming and that Nanu intends to get his daughter married to Raju. Balan decides to wait for Raghavan, alias Raju. Raju, on his arrival, smells his enemy. The film progresses with the two having to pretend before Nanu and Kochutty that they are good friends. The film cuts to flashback, where Raju alias Raghavan is shown as a friend of Balan once. He, in greed for money, one day killed Balan's wife and ran away with Balan's hard earned money. Balan is now back in search of Raju to avenge for the death of his wife. Raju attacks Balan in one of the numerous encounters the duo has and almost kills Balan. Balan survives the attack to save Nanu and his daughter from Raghavan. The film is special for the mood it creates of the friction between the Balan and Raju. The dressing code matches what the director often symbolizes to a vulture.
Starring Mohanlal, Salim Ghouse, Sumalatha
Director Bharathan