The Achievers: The Story of the Big Lebowski Fans
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Joel and Ethan Coen’s comedic masterpiece The Big Lebowski has become a worldwide cult-classic. Partnering with Universal Studios, the makers of The Achievers: The Story of The Big Lebowski Fans bring you the official feature documentary about the massive, ever-expanding fan base who dub themselves “Achievers” and the three days of White Russians, live music, bowling, costume and trivia contests, and much more, known as Lebowski Fests. Fans first gathered in Louisville, Kentucky in 2002-2003. A smash hit from the get-go, word spread quickly about the Lebowski Fests, and it wasn’t long before the events sold out in New York, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Chicago, then later in Seattle, Boston, Austin, Orlando and finally overseas to London, Glasgow and beyond. The Achievers is an affectionate look at the people who live and breathe all things Lebowski. It also features the real, behind-the-scenes stories that gave inspiration to the Coen Brothers and brings authenticity to the characters in The Big Lebowski. The film offers exclusive footage of two-time Oscar winner Jeff Bridges at the Lebowski Fests, live performances by My Morning Jacket and interviews with other cast members. A film made by Big Lebowski Fans, for Big Lebowski fans.
Starring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore
Director Eddie Chung