The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales
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In this personal essay documentary, philanthropist Abigail Disney grapples with America's dysfunctional and unequal economy, and asks why the American Dream has worked for the wealthy, yet is a nightmare for people born with less. Weaving together her family story and the stories of Disneyland workers with commentary from historians, authors, and academics, as well as never-before-seen Disney archival footage, Abigail reexamines the story of modern American capitalism from a time when wealth was shared more equitably, to today, when CEOs earn upwards of 800 times more than their average employees. What Abigail learns – about racism, corporate power, and the American Dream – is eye-opening and inspiring in that it begins to imagine a path to a fairer future for everyone.
Starring Sam, Ralph, Trina
Director Abigail Disney, Kathleen Hughes