The Arctic Expedition: A Historic Journey to Find the Truth
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For the first time ever, a multinational scientific expedition was mounted aboard the Canadian Coast Guard ice cutter Amundsen, which had been retrofitted to be the most state-of-the-art floating laboratory in the world. The expedition broke new ground, traversing the Arctic while a multidisciplinary groups of the world's top environmental scientists took samples and gathered data under some of the harshest and challenging conditions on the planet! The Arctic Expedition: A Historic Journey to Find the Truth, captures the dedication and determination of both scientists and the ship's crew as they work together to solve problems and complete their vitally important research tasks. Often against the clock, without sleep, and at the mercy of severe weather conditions, they perform heroically to make astounding discoveries and further the understanding of climate change.
Starring Dr. David Barber, Dr. Gary Stern, Captain Stéphane Julien
Director Anthony Christopher