The Asphalt Jungle
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Led by an aging professional, a gang of thieves discover betrayal and death following a successful jewel heist. Directed by Academy Award- winner John Huston ("The African Queen," "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"), this classic crime thriller stars Sterling Hayden ("Dr. Strangelove," "The Godfather") and Oscar-nominees Louis Calhern ("The Prisoner of Zenda") and Jean Hagen ("Singin' in the Rain"). With beautiful Marilyn Monroe ("Some Like It Hot," "The Seven Year Itch") as a mobster's mistress. Considered by many as the greatest crime film ever produced, it was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Director and Screenplay. Since its release, it has been remade three times and its realistic storyline copied in dozens of films.
Starring Sterling Hayden, Sam Jaffe, Marilyn Monroe
Director John Huston