The Bachelor
Jimmie thought marriage would cost him his freedom. But freedom will cost him $100 million! Like an astronomical amount of seemingly normal guys, Jimmie Shannon and 'marriage' are socially incompatible. And despite Jimmie's love for sweetheart, Anne, he just can't bring himself to say - let alone do - the 'm' word, well not with sincerity anyway. To be fair, he does make a half-hearted attempt at commitment but 'you win' doesn't quite grab Anne and she promptly dumps Jimmie back into bachelordom. When Jimmie's grandfather dies shortly thereafter and wills him $100 million, it comes with a catch: Jimmie must marry before his thirtieth birthday or lose the lot. So with less then 24 hours before the big 3-0, Jimmie must face his fears, remember the benefits and win back the only true love he has ever had.
Starring Chris O'Donnell, Renée Zellweger, Hal Holbrook
Director Gary Sinyor