The Bride Goes Wild
June Allyson and Van Johnson star in this romantic comedy of a prim school teacher who falls in love when she achieves her lifelong dream to illustrate the latest book by her favorite children's author. But, discovering her heart has been hoodwinked by an elaborate hoax, the Bride Goes Wild! Proper Martha Terryton eagerly looks forward to meeting the author, Uncle Bumps. But Uncle Bumps is the pen name of cynical, drinking, womanizing writer Greg Rawlings. Shocked, Terryton threatens to reveal the truth to the children who buy his books. To save its investment, Rawlings' publisher concocts an elaborate cover story claiming the writer is a widower left alone to care for his son. The company even goes so far as to hire a streetwise boy from a local orphanage to live with Rawlings. The ruse works--at first. Everything is going exactly according to plan. But no one considered the boy's ability to add an unforeseen twist.
Starring Van Johnson, June Allyson, Jackie "Butch" Jenkins
Director Norman Taurog