The Cassandra Crossing
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Terrifying odyssey of 1,000 doomed passengers trapped aboard a plague-infested train, as it speeds across Europe to the Cassandra Crossing - and certain death. Fleeing from the police, a plague-infested terrorist boards the Geneva to Stockholm Express, and exposes its passengers to the deadly virus. Colonel MacKenzie is called in to handle the situation and contacts a doctor aboard the train, Jonathan Chamberlain who finds the sick man. However, Chamberlain and his wife are unable to get the sick man into a hovering helicopter and he dies. To make sure the plague spreads no further, MacKenzie decides to re-route the train via the Cassandra Crossing, where it will plunge into oblivion. At Nuremburg, the train is completely sealed and pumped with oxygen. The passengers who had contracted the plague suddenly begin to recover as the bacteria is killed by the enriched air. Since the patients are recovering, Dr. Chamberlain argues that there is no need to continue the train's journey to the deadly Cassandra Crossing, but MacKenzie refuses to change the route. Chamberlain races against time to disconnect the cars. He succeeds, but dies as he tries to leap to safety. Seconds later, the Cassandra Crossing bridge collapses and only the disconnected cars remain safe. But now the question is whether any of the bacteria survived?
Starring Sophia Loren, Richard Harris, Ava Gardner
Director George P. Cosmatos