The Chinese Boxer
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Jimmy Wang Yu had become a star in 1965’s "Temple of the Red Lotus". He became a superstar in 1967’s "One-Armed Swordsman" and 1968’s "Golden Swallow". But this was his first fully realized personal kung-fu vision. Jimmy Wang Yu wrote, directed and starred in this classic favorite as the Chinese kung-fu superman, years before Bruce Lee would become famous for the same themes. He plays the famous Lei Ming, a noble young martial arts student who doesn’t know the meaning of giving up. He faces a treacherous, blood-thirsty Japanese karate expert, played, of all people, by Lo Lieh (who was to become The Shaws’ first international star in "The King Boxer" just months later). Featuring unforgettable training sequences and many fights, this box office smash would lead to a career unparalleled in its eccentricity and excitement.
Starring Lo Lieh, Ping Wang, Fang Mien
Director Jimmy Wang Yu