The Clan
The story is based on the police case against the Puccio family, which shocked the Argentinian society in the early 80s. Behind the façade of the Puccios, a normal family from the traditional neighborhood of San Isidro, lays a sinister clan dedicated to kidnapping and murdering people. Arquímedes, the patriarch, leads and plans the operations. Alejandro, the eldest son and a rugby star and a player for the famous Pumas team, is forced by his father's will to identify possible victims and to use his popularity to avoid suspicion. The members of the family are more or less accomplices of these gruesome actions, living off of the benefits obtained from substantial ransoms paid by the victims' families.
Starring Guillermo Francella, 彼得·藍薩尼, 莉莉·波普薇琪
Director Pablo Trapero