The Cloth
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Unknown forces are attempting to enter our realm through demonic possessions and the only thing that stands between them and hell on earth is a secret organization formed by the church. Jason (Kyler Willett) is a young Godless man void of faith after the recent death of his father. While confronting the man responsible for his father’s death, he discovers the religious role models he grew up with were more than what they seemed. Father Conley (Danny Trejo) leads the recruitment of a new wave of Cloth exorcists for the sole purpose of taking the organization into the future. With the help of Father Diekmen (Lassiter Holmes) and Father Tollman (Eric Roberts), the Cloth introduces Jason to a new world that exists within our realm. A world in which demons and half breeds walk amongst us. With the arrival of Hell’s general, Kasdeya, coming to earth to pave the way for Beelezebub, Jason must train more than his body but also his mind in order to face true evil. Once Kasdeya appears on earth, the Cloth only has seven days to stop him from collecting enough souls to sacrifice allowing the Devil to bring his hell to our realm. Armed with a wave of new age technology and holy weapons, Jason and the Cloth must prepare to battle for mankind’s existence. The battle for your soul has begun.
Starring Eric Roberts, Danny Trejo, Robert Miano
Director Justin Price