The Cobbler
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The Cobbler chronicles the life of fourth-generation Lower East Side cobbler Max Simkin (Adam Sandler). The working-class tradesman doesn't make a whole lot repairing shoes, but it's his birthright. What Max doesn't realize is that the ancient stitching machine in his shop's basement is magical. When he fixes an intimidating new customer's (Method Man) dress shoes with it and slips the size-10.5s on, Max transforms into the shoes' owner. At first Max is beyond freaked out, but he eventually tests the century-old machine on a bunch of other customers' shoes, only to discover that putting on any mended shoe in his size can transform him into someone new. Max realizes that stepping into someone else's shoes gives him plenty of opportunities -- unfortunately, it's mostly to commit crimes, which are petty at first but become increasingly disturbing.
Starring Adam Sandler, Method Man, Ellen Barkin
Director Tom McCarthy