The Conspirators
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Negulesco and noir - a heady brew. Jean Negulesco proved his stunning noir debut The Mask of Dimitrios was no fluke by following up with an astonishing run of film noir classics, starting with the war noir intrigue and romance of The Conspirators. Hedy Lamarr (The Heavenly Body) headlines a cast of Casablanca veterans (Paul Henreid and "The Masters of Mystery," Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre) as the mysterious Irene Von Mohr, whose secrets lie at the heart of wartime Lisbon's underworld and underground. After committing an act of sabotage against the Nazis, Vincent Van Der Lyn (Henreid) escapes from the Netherlands to neutral Portugal, where he enlists in the underground resistance under the leadership of Ricardo Quintanilla (Greenstreet). Tasked by Quintanilla with uncovering a traitor, Vincent soon finds himself being fitted for a frame while falling for the secretive Irene. And the Nazis are closing in...
Starring Hedy Lamarr, Paul Henreid, Sydney Greenstreet
Director Jean Negulesco