The Crazies
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When a biochemical virus code-named ‘Trixie’ accidentally gets into the water supply of Evans City, Pennsylvania, the town’s residents are turned into depraved maniacs and their once-sleepy community becomes a panicked war zone. To escape the madness, a small group of unaffected citizens flee to the town’s outskirts where they must hide from trigger-happy soldiers while battling their own depraved urges. But even if they can escape the plague, can they survive the unstoppable violence of The Crazies? Co-starring Richard France (DAWN OF THE DEAD), Lynn Lowry (SHIVERS, CAT PEOPLE), and Richard Liberty (DAY OF THE DEAD) and written and directed by the iconic George A. Romero, The Crazies remains one of the most chilling and disturbing masterpieces of classic horror.
Starring Lane Carroll, Will MacMillan, Harold Wayne Jones
Director George A. Romero