The Domino Principle
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An assassin is released from prison early, on condition that he make one last assassination. An assassination is about to take place; the target: the most powerful man in the Western World. The assassin is Roy Tucker, in prison for killing the sadistic husband of Ellie Riggens, the woman he loves. Tucker is promised freedom by Tagge in exchange for an undetermined favour. Tucker agrees and flies to Central America where he pursues his dreams and marries Ellie. Then Tucker is told to repay his favour by assassinating a powerful national figure. He refuses. Tagge takes Ellie captive and threatens to kill her unless Tucker carries out the assignment. Tucker tries to pull a fast one, but a back-up assassin hits the mark, and Ellie is killed. Now Tucker has to fight. This one's for real; and the result is explosive, pulse-pounding, action-adventure.
Starring Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen, Richard Widmark
Director Stanley Kramer