The End of Violence
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Bill Pullman plays Mike Max, a Hollywood producer who struck it rich and gained power in the film industry through his successful series of brutally violent action movies. However, the dedication and balance that Max shows in the office does not translate to his home life, where he can barely find time for his wife Paige (Andie MacDowell). Paige announces that she wants a divorce and Max admits to himself that she suffered emotional hardship at his hands. Seeking meaning in her life, Paige travels to the Third World as a volunteer. An emotionally disconnected Max does not realize the amount of physical and emotional violence in his life until he is facing it directly and he makes it his mission to not only change his life, but to change the way that the business that has made him his fortune addresses brutality.
Starring Bill Pullman, Andie MacDowell, Gabriel Byrne
Director Wim Wenders