The Fever
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A protected life--exposed. Oscar(R)-winner Vanessa Redgrave (Best Supporting Actress for 1977's 'Julia') stars in this intimate tale of the imagination, in which a woman's visit to a beautiful but tormented country leads her on a psychological voyage of self-discovery. Adapted by HBO Films from writer/actor Wallace Shawn's deeply personal stage play, the film focuses on a nameless woman (Redgrave) who awakens in a war-torn, third-world country battling a raging fever and grappling with questions of wealth, guilt and revolution. Joely Richardson, Rade Sherbedgia and Geraldine James co-star. Directed by Carlo Nero; written by Wallace Shawn & Carlo Nero; based on Wallace Shawn's play.
Starring Vanessa Redgrave, Michael Moore, Angelina Jolie
Director Carlo Nero