The Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song
Join the Fresh Beats for a special, double-length musical adventure, The Wizard of Song, along with two bonus stories! When Marina gets swept up by a windstorm during a break from band practice, she is transported to the faraway land of Oz! She meets Twist the Scarecrow, Kiki the Tin Woman, and Shout the Lion on her quest to see the musical Wizard of Song! Sing along to “Another Perfect Day,” “Here For You,” “So Fresh To Be Home,” and more! Then, the Fresh Beats perform in a western town haunted by a “spirited” ghost band! And then go ape with the band, as they become babysitters … for two chimps! With their friendship and awesome songs, the Fresh Beats ready for anything!
Starring Jason Mraz, Sarah Chalke, Jon Beavers
Director Neal Israel