The Girl Who Left Home
Christine lands her dream role on stage, but when her father passes away, she returns home to confront those she left. She makes up with her uncle Tony, but tension lingers with her mother, Mary, and her ex-boyfriend, John. Her agent insists she return to LA, but Christine decides to stay and help at her family’s restaurant. Upon returning, the restaurant landlord tells Christine they’re evicted. They strike a deal to keep the restaurant open and repay the debt or until a buyer comes in. She creates a social media blitz to bring in customers. Mary goes out on the town with Christine in hopes to reconnect. Tensions return when Christine learns that her parents were secretly paying her rent, and blames herself for the restaurant’s debts. Christine’s final encounter with John and his fiancé breaks her, and it’s Mary’s love that raises her back up. Christine and Mary address their generational differences, but find common ground in the love for each other. Christine finally forgives her father and stays home to fulfill her parents’ legacy; but Mary lets her go, explaining that her dream is for Chrissie to choose her future. A year later, Mary applauds Christine on Broadway. They look to each other in elation, finally seeing eye-to-eye.
Starring Haven Everly, Emy Coligado, Paolo Montalban
Director Mallorie Ortega