The Glimmer Man
Action star Steven Seagal ("Exit Wounds," "Fire Down Below") stars as a man who, when he used to work for the government, was called "The Glimmer Man" -- an agent who was dispatched on the riskiest covert assignments that the United States was never officially involved in, but which were silently, swiftly handled. Now a New York police detective, he has abandoned his former occupation and identity. But when a serial killer plunges L.A. into terror, the LAPD is forced to summon the one man whose understanding of the criminal mind in unrivaled: The Glimmer Man. Paired with a seasoned local homicide detective (Keenen Ivory Wayans - the "Scary Movie" movies, TV's "In Living Color"), the two quickly discover that their's is not a match made in heaven.
Starring Steven Seagal, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Bob Gunton
Director John Gray