The Good Boss
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Oscar winner Javier Bardem stars as Blanco, the patriarchal owner of an industrial scale manufacturing factory in this racy, irreverent workplace comedy shortlisted for the 2022 Oscar for Best International Feature Film. THE GOOD BOSS is a darkly funny social satire about a manipulative "good boss" who shamelessly meddles in the lives of his employees, crossing every imaginable line. Under pressure to prepare for the visit from a committee presenting a business excellence award he covets, Blanco will stop at nothing to enhance the impression of his company's productivity and workplace harmony, continually "tipping the scales" in his favor. Faced with a vengeful terminated worker, a depressed supervisor with an unhappy wife, and a seductive, ambitious female intern who catches his own wandering eye, Blanco unknowingly starts an explosive chain reaction with wild consequences.
Starring Javier Bardem, Manolo Solo, 阿爾穆德納·阿莫爾
Director Fernando León de Aranoa