The Great Masterpieces of Art & Music
Skip the art museum and come experience “Great Masterpieces,” a wide-ranging collection of some of the world’s most beautiful paintings and works of art from every era. Immerse yourself in soothing classical masterpieces of music and be swept back to quieter times of reflection and study - where the quality of light, colors of the palette, and composition of the frame told a story about a painting’s subjects and its place in history. Experience the timeless beauty of a Botticelli, the meticulousness of a Seurat, the wild abandonment of a Turner, and the emotionality of a Van Gogh, among many others from Da Vinci to Monet. Examine first-hand the differences between the Realist, Surrealist, Impressionist, and Post-Impressionist works of art in subject, execution, and technique. Glimpse into the past with this extensive array of paintings spanning hundreds of years. This program will take you on the ultimate journey into the world and history of art where truth and beauty reign supreme and life itself is frozen in time. A delight for your eyes and ears.
Starring Liam Dale
Director Liam Dale