The Happy Sad
A romantic drama directed by Rodney Evans (Brother to Brother) that focuses on two young NYC couples—one black and gay, one white and straight—whose lives become intertwined. Tired of dating Stan, Annie pretends to be seeing a female co-worker. Heartbroken, Stan finds himself hooking up with Marcus, who just started having an open relationship with his long-term boyfriend, Aaron. As they explore new relationship norms, a chance encounter on a subway platform makes each of them reevaluate their sense of who they are and what they want. The film uses the multi-cultural ensemble to explore the questions that alternative twenty and thirty-year olds face in a culture where there appears to be endless possibilities for sex but also a resistance to any definitive model for a "proper" relationship.
Starring Sorel Carradine, Cameron Scoggins, Maria Dizzia
Director Rodney Evans