The Knack...and How to Get It
Colin (Michael Crawford) is an inhibited teacher who lives with his friend, Tolen (Ray Brooks). Tolen is very lucky with the ladies. Colin asks Tolen for advice on how to get a girl, and finding the advice impractical, he decides to start by buying a bigger bed. Colin is also trying to find a third roommate, and Tom (Donal Donnelly) happens by the house, and suddenly finds himself in the spare room. Nancy is new in town, lost, and looking for the YWCA. She happens upon Colin and Tom at the dump, where they are buying Colin’s gigantic new bed. They offer her a ride, and proceed to race through London on the bed. Colin seems too shy to speak much to Nancy, despite Tom's encouragement. Eventually, the trio reach Colin's house, where Tolen works his gruff magic on Nancy, and havoc ensues. Future stars Jacqueline Bisset and Charlotte Rampling appear in as extras.
Starring Rita Tushingham, Ray Brooks, Michael Crawford
Director Richard Lester