The Land of Steady Habits
Available on Netflix
Anders Hill (Ben Mendelsohn) has taken drastic steps to change his life in THE LAND OF STEADY HABITS. In searching for "meaning" and "passion," Anders has left a successful, high-income career as a financial trader and his long marriage to Helene (Edie Falco). He's on tenuous footing with Preston (Thomas Mann), his 20-something son, an alumnus of rehab who hasn't yet found his way. Six months after Anders disrupted his life, things aren't progressing as he anticipated. His ex-wife is involved in a new relationship, which bothers him more than he thought it would. His finances are strained because of his "generosity" to Helene. He's persona non grata in the community. And, most surprising to him, Anders' sex life fizzles. A chance encounter with Charlie (Charlie Tahan), the teen son of old friends, finds Anders smoking dope and, inadvertently, PCP. The incident results in a series of escalating bad calls on Anders' part. His judgment fails him. Complications, not entirely under his control, follow. Recovery for everyone is at risk.
Starring Ben Mendelsohn, Edie Falco, Thomas Mann
Director Nicole Holofcener