The Last Bumblebee
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For generations, bumblebees have roamed the earth, diligently pollinating our crops and wildflowers, and contributing to the biodiversity of our ecosystems. But with the changing climate and other threats, the survival of these beloved pollinators has been put in jeopardy. "Franklin's Bumblebee," a once-common species, is now critically endangered, with the last sighting dating back to 2006. The film explains the importance of Franklin's Bumblebee and discusses the four major threats to all Bumblebee populations worldwide: habitat loss, pesticide use, climate change, and disease. Through stunning cinematography and insightful interviews, we explore the vital role of bumblebees in our ecosystems and the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect these important pollinators. Join us on this journey to uncover the fate of Franklin's Bumblebee and learn how we can help protect all Bumblebees and preserve the natural world we all share.
Starring Jess Tyler, Jeff Everett, Rich Hatfield
Director Jack Winch, Janice Overbeck