The Last of Mrs. Cheyney
Norma Shearer and Basil Rathbone star as a beguiling international jewel thief and the English aristocrat who wins, then breaks, her heart in The Last of Mrs. Cheyney. Monte Carlo: The cunning Fay Cheyney (Shearer--The Women) impersonates a wealthy widow in a bid to steal a fortune in jewels from Mrs. Webley, but her plans are interrupted by a romance with Mrs. Webley's nephew, Lord Arthur Dilling (Rathbone--The Adventures of Robin Hood). Still, during a soiree at Mrs. Webley's mansion, greed gets the better of Fay Cheyney, and she attempts to steal Mrs. Webley's pearls. Dilling catches her in the act -- but promises to keep quiet if she will sleep with him. Offended at the insult to her honor, the jewel thief confesses all to Mrs. Webley ... that begins a very shocking turn of events!
Starring Norma Shearer, Basil Rathbone, George Barraud
Director Sidney Franklin