The Late Show
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Academy Award-winner Art Carney ("The Honeymooners," "Harry & Tonto") stars as a semi-retired private eye who is drawn back into action when his longtime partner is shot to death while searching for the kidnapped cat of a kooky Los Angeles woman (Oscar-nominee Lily Tomlin, "9 to 5," "Big Business"). The fun really begins when the two team up in search of the murderer. . . and the cat. Co-starring Bill Macy (TV's "Maude"), Joanna Cassidy ("Who Framed Roger Rabbit?") and Howard Duff ("Dallas"). From an Oscar-nominated screenplay by Oscar-winner Robert Benton ("Nobody's Fool," "Places in the Heart"), who also directed. "Echoes of Chandler and Hammett resound," extols Leonard Maltin of this sleeper tribute to detective film noirs, and the "chemistry between Carney and Tomlin is perfect."
Starring Art Carney, Lily Tomlin, Bill Macy
Director Robert Benton