The Little Prince
From Asteroid B-612... into our hearts. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's slender, beloved classic of innocence and discovery comes to the screen with its feet firmly on the Saharan sand, its eyes tilted to the stars and its spirit brightly soaring to the songs of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Lowe (My Fair Lady, Camelot). "The score of The Little Prince is a sheer delight," says Vincent Canby of The New York Times. Delightful, too, is the magical storyline about a desert-stranded pilot (Richard Kiley) and a wandering child from a faraway place. Together, the two share encounters that amuse, charm and touch the heart. Have you ever acquired wisdom from a fox (Gene Wilder)? Cared for a rose that was special beyond all other roses? Visited a far-off, far-out king? Witnessed the wily dance of a snake (Bob Fosse)? The universe-no, life-is an enchanting place, even more so when it's shared with The Little Prince.
Starring Richard Kiley, Steven Warner, Bob Fosse
Director Stanley Donen