The Lives of Hamilton Fish
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The Lives of Hamilton Fish is a musical experimental fantasy film based on actual events. A serial killer and a statesman, both named Hamilton Fish die on the same day: Hamilton Fish II, a descendant of one of the most prominent families in New York State and Hamilton "Albert" Fish, a psychopath, raised in an orphanage, who becomes the most notorious child murderer of his time. The editor who publishes their obituaries becomes obsessed with this coincidence and imagines how their lives intersect by bringing their stories into an imagined fantasy. The film's narrative is told entirely through songs sung using the editor’s voice and perspective. The editor is a man played by a female. Through this voice all characters reveal themselves. What makes the film entirely unique is the waycharacters emerge from the editor's mind and sing in a single, female, voice.
Starring Theodore Bouloukos, Bill Weeden, Rachel Mason
Director Rachel Mason