The Long Goodbye
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Elliott Gould portrays tough private-eye Philip Marlowe in director Robert Altman's updated version of one of Raymond Chandler's most-celebrated novels... Marlowe is awakened at 3:30 in the morning by part-time hood Terry Lennox (Jim Bouton) to drive him to Tijuana. When Marlowe returns to Los Angeles, he learns that Lennox's wife is dead--murdered--and that (of course!) Lennox is the chief suspect. Marlowe returns to his normal work and is hired by a woman to find her husband, Roger (Sterling Hayden), an author with a fondness for the bottle. More puzzles... The mob turns up; they are seeking $350,000--and they seem to think Marlowe has it! He will soon learn of Lennox's death (murder, suicide or...) in Mexico and realize that no one but himself gives a damn. That will make Marlowe VERY angry...
Starring Elliott Gould, Nina van Pallandt, Sterling Hayden
Director Robert Altman