The Long Shot
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Abandoned by her husband, neglected by her mother, and doubted by her daughter, a young woman must take advantage of life's second chances to prove herself to all of them… Colorado equestrian Annie Garrett (Julie Benz, Taken) is packing her bags and, with her seven-year-old daughter Taylor (Gage Golightly, 5 Days to Midnight), following her irresponsible husband Ross (John Livingston, Edtv) to yet another job as stable manager for another horse farm in another new city. He's the only man Annie's ever been with, and she can't bear to leave him—especially since young Taylor adores him. Fate, however, does not make it Annie's choice. This time Ross takes off without them. Now Annie must contend with a daughter who blames her for the break-up; she hasn't felt this alone since the tragic accident that claimed her sister Katie years ago. With 37 blue ribbons, Kate had shared Annie's dreams of becoming the best rider in the world. In the eyes of their mother Bonnie (Laura Johnson, L.A. Law), Annie has never been able to live up to the promise displayed by her sister. What Annie does have is her magnificent horse, Tolo, and the desire to make a better life for herself and Taylor. Looking for security and an inexpensive place to live, she finds both at Shamrock Farms, owned by Mary Lou (Golden Globe winner Marsha Mason, The Goodbye Girl), a taskmaster as well as an empathetic friend. Here Annie can groom, teach, ride, and muck as many stables as it takes to put food on the table. Then comes word that a local riding contest in a challenging technique known as Musical Freestyle carries a purse of twenty-thousand dollars. This is Annie's big chance to live out her dreams, pay tribute to the memory of her sister, and make her daughter and mother proud—but when Tolo is suddenly stricken blind, she fears she may miss out on this God-given second chance at a future. The Long Shot is an adventure of the heart for the entire family, proving that miracles can happen if you have the courage to make them come true.
Starring Julie Benz, Marsha Mason, Paul Le Mat
Director Georg Stanford Brown