The Maid
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An evil spirit haunts the life of a household assistant named Joy (Ploy Sornarin). Joy is accepted to work as a household assistant for Uma (Savika Chaiyadej), a noble woman who has one daughter named Nid (Keetapat Pongrue). On the first day, Joy felt no significant difficulties, even though she had experienced the oddities happening around the house several times.The head of the household assistant, Mrs. Wan (Natanee Sitthisaman), reminds Joy to always maintain an attitude and not interfere with the personal matters of the host and hostess. However, Joy's curious nature leads her to ignore Mother Wan's advice. At night, Joy entered Uma's study and found old photos there.In the photo, Uma, who is accompanied by her husband, is seen posing with a household assistant that Joy has never met while she is in this house. Not having time to answer the question that was raging in his head, a strange creature with a burning face appeared in front of Joy. The ghost was wearing a blue uniform, just like himself.Who is the ghost that Joy saw and what does it have to do with Uma?
Starring Teerapat Sajakul, Ploy Sornarin, Savika Chaiyadej
Director Lee Thongkham