The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself
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Steve Austin’s noise-laden, aggressively experimental musical output over two decades has served as testimony and touched hearts and troubled lives around the world. Not many people can say they have so fully dedicated themselves to what they love and believe as Austin has. To the many who call him “reverend”, he defines the word "legend”. This 93-minute film documents a two-year ongoing conversation, a self-examination of the psyche of a modern day “madman” and “master” of his craft. Ride along for an intimate, first person account of how he balances his extreme musical vision and viscerally intense live performances with being at home, at peace, with his wife and children. See how one near-death experience led him to find the love of his life and begin the transition to a loving family man while still completing his mission to bring relief to his followers, and his ultimate personal triumph to overcome being the man who loves to hurt himself.
Starring Steve Austin
Director Anthony Short