The Manhattan Dating Project
All over the world, kids are hooking up and going on dates. They are getting down at the club, at work, in the car, at the party, in the alley and at your front door. Follow Top Model Joanna Bergin into the world of Dating in New York. Find out how the 20 something movers and shakers get digits and what needs to be done to get lucky in New York City. Like playing the "numbers game" for picking up girls. And how much it can cost to get these numbers. This is the real "sex in the city" where we follow dates and get advice from the young and sexy. Unlock the secrets of Dating and how to pick up girls and boys easily. Learn the real reason people go to bars. Marvel at the ways to gain entrance to the coolest club in town. And learn what not to say to that girl who has been eyeing you across the bar. We take you into the arena and show you the ropes of excelling in it. Some of the hottest girls and most affluent guys show you what to do and what not. The film has been a favorite in New York and Israel. Critics call it the ultimate source on getting down with the other sex.
Starring Joanna Bergin, Amy K. Boyd, Jim McNally
Director Alexander von Roon