The Mirage
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The Mirage is the perspective of a man in his thirties asking himself “what am I chasing?”. Le Mirage centers on Patrick’s daily life, his family and those around him who push themselves in search of “happiness”, that state of being that once achieved would make us the envy of all those around us. This happiness of course must exist in all aspects of our lives: work, home and our social life. Each new day is chance at happiness. Sadly, we feel less and less that sense of accomplishment and fulfilment with each passing day. Men of today seem to draw their satisfaction in the envy of their peers, thus their happiness stems from their egos and pushes them to set goals for that sole purpose. He does nothing with his own happiness in mind, but solely to have others want what he has… until life catches up to him and reminds him that he has become something other than what he wanted. Our society has become all about consumerism, if not excess. Success is determined by what and how much we have and “stuff” becomes the band-aid to a meaningless existence. Stuff fills the void of the existence we weren’t meant to lead.
Starring Louis Morissette, Julie Perreault, Christine Beaulieu
Director Ricardo Trogi