The Mistress
At a bookstore, tailor Sari (Bea Alonzo) meets architect Erick (John Lloyd Cruz) who urges her to go ahead and buy the expensive book she has been looking at. Erick has been commissioned by the tailor shop owner Sari is working for to renovate the shop. Though his father Federico (Ronaldo Valdez) is a powerful tycoon, Erick refuses to work in their huge business empire. He feels that his father favors his recently deceased brother Henry. Then Erick learns from his mother that his father has been keeping his mistress Rosario (Bea Alonzo). Though his initial intention is to avenge his mother, Erick has fallen in love with Sari and can’t stay away. Yet Sari can’t go out with Erick on Thursdays because it’s the day of the week she has committed to Rico. Erick becomes close to Sari’s family and offers her marriage which Federico can’t give. Federico confronts Sari’s suitor who turns out to be his own son.
Starring Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Ronaldo Valdez
Director Olivia M. Lamasan