The Neighbor
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A story that weaves through the lives of five generations of mothers and daughters, The Neighbor takes its audience on an unexpected journey. Shirin (Azita Sahebjam), a middle-aged woman living in Vancouver has seemingly outlived most of her passions. As she yearns for something to give meaning to her monotonous days and nights, a chance encounter with her next door neighbor, Leila (Tara Nazemi), promises to unfold a new chapter in her life. Attempting to befriend Leila, Shirin's persistent curiosity soon uncovers there's more to the young woman than Leila is ready to reveal. Tangled in a budding romance, and burdened by a heavy responsibility, Leila's life has taken an alternate path. Unwilling to reach out to Shirin, Leila underestimates the power of her neighbor's unsolicited presence in her world, one inhabited by more than just unfulfilled dreams. As Shirin struggles to reconnect the fragments of her unsettled past, Leila's story presents a poignant reason for embracing the present and looking forward to the promises of the future. The women each come to a new understanding of life, bound with a mutual need for the other.
Starring Azita Sahebjam, Tara Nazemi, Parisa Wahedi