The Overbrook Brothers
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Over the course of a ridiculously awkward Christmas reunion, two bitter, arch rival brothers discover they’re adopted, and the revelation sends the two adversaries on a hilarious, and sometimes bizarre, cross-country journey in search of their biological parents. Says director/co-writer John Bryant, “I wanted to write a story about super competitive brothers who are always at 'war' with each other. Imagine sibling rivalry on steroids –-- two guys that completely regress to a state of twelve year olds when they’re around one another.’ Bryant then hilariously explores this relationship, and how strange and unexpected developments in life propel two rival brothers – kicking and screaming - towards adulthood and maturity. THE OVERBROOK BROTHERS explores sibling rivalry to the extreme, arrested development, brotherhood, adulthood, and masculinity in the modern age. Shot in Austin, Colorado, and New Mexico, and made by a group of Austin-based filmmakers and actors, director/co-writer/producer John Bryant has successfully crafted a rare film that marries an outrageous comedic improvisatory sensibility with broad commercial appeal, and has created cleverly caustic, yet believable characters, full of compassion and humor.
Starring Nathan Harlan, Mark Reeb, Laurel Whitsett
Director John E. Bryant