The Promised Band
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THE PROMISED BAND is a nontraditional documentary film about an unlikely group of women from opposite sides of the Israeli/Palestinian border who are set on an unexpected path when an American friend makes them an offer they can’t refuse: to meet. But in a region where sides are separated not by just a 26-foot physical separation wall but a social one, meeting is nearly impossible: most Palestinian citizens are barred from entering Israel, and Israeli citizens fear meeting violence upon entering the West Bank.Afraid of being open about their intentions, the women decide that, despite their dubious musical talent, a rock band is their best cover story. Our unlikely musicians will have to cross the border, repeatedly and often illegally. They will have to get their instruments through checkpoints, secure permits to travel when possible, and find safe spaces to meet. All that, and they’ll need to deal with an Orthodox rabbi who wants to be the lead singer. It’s a stroke of luck that their cheerleader is a reality show producer in America, who is used to dealing with subterfuge and strong personalities. Despite their initial distrust, the women connect. (A mutual love of hummus and the art of Middle Eastern cursing greases the wheels of friendship.) As each learns more about the other, they come to understand the stakes between their countries in a whole new way, and their lives change in ways none of them ever anticipated.
Starring Lina Qadri, Jen Heck, Shlomit Ravid
Director Jen Heck