The Radical Gardener
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The Radical Gardener is a rollercoaster-ride into the badlands of art and advertising featuring Malcolm McLaren, Jonathan Meese, Jeff Koons, Sebastian Horsley, Oliviero Toscani und Dr. Pussy. Today radical has become a buzzword for everything. Politicians and bankers talk about radical decisions and radical cutbacks. But what does the word “radical” really mean? Radical means different things to different people. For the artist Jeff Koons radical art means something like a fresh perspective, a new viewpoint on things. For the artist Jonathan Meese radical art has to be ultra radical. For the pioneer of provocative advertising Oliviero Toscani radical advertising would not exist without art. In his film “The Radical Gardener” Hermann Vaske goes on a journey to investigate the radical borderlines of art and advertising.
Starring Malcolm McLaren, Tony Kaye, Jeff Koons
Director Hermann Vaske