The Rance Allen Group: Live from San Francisco
Legendary, dynamic, classic & influential are just a few of the adjectives to describe The Rance Allen Group. Led by arguably one of the greatest vocalist in popular music, the group truly delivers on Live from San Francisco! This project, recorded live for long-form music video release, boasts a mix of past super hits like "Miracle Worker" and "Something about the Name Jesus", along with new soon to be favorites such as the contemporary hit radio single "All Day Long", the high energy make you wanna move groove track "Victory Dance", the powerful ballad "Vessel" that features guest artist Paul Porter and the soulful, very heartwarming and introspective ballad "Like A Good Neighbor", just to name a few. Live from San Francisco is very much on par with the highly memorable and greatly successful catalog titles 'The Live Experience' and 'The Live Experience II" as it will not disappoint.
Starring The Rance Allen Group
Director Dan Fitzsimmons