The Razing
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Every year, estranged friends Ellen, Ray, and Lincoln gather at Corey's home for his birthday. Their strained relationships cause wonder for Ray's guest Clare, but she is assured it's because of a pact the friends made when they were teens. As the night progresses, tensions worsen and the love triangle between Corey, Ellen, and Ray is far from over. Causing a new rift between the friends, a past crime is revealed during flashbacks, and time jumps to one fateful night on Corey's sixteenth birthday. Indulging in their favorite hallucinatory drug, the teenage friends trick Corey into taking the fateful red pill which reveals one's destiny and causes Corey to hallucinate his cruel father in place of his new rival (Josh) who taunts him. Back in the present, the adult friends realize a rumored day of reckoning is upon them when another guest seemingly self-combusts into flames.
Starring Jack Wooton, Logan Paul Price, Mia Heavner
Director J. Arcane, Paul Erskine