The Red Sea Diving Resort
Available on Netflix
Ari Levinson (Chris Evans) is a heroic Israeli intelligence officer in THE RED SEA DIVING RESORT. After leading a desperate group of Jewish Ethiopians across the border into The Sudan and hiding them in a refugee center, Ari and his teammates, including Sammy (Alessandro Nivola), are ordered back to Mossad headquarters where Ethan (Ben Kingsley) is the boss. There, still concerned about the plight of those he rescued and their leader Kabeda (Michael Kenneth Williams), Ari comes up with an orthodox plan to get them to their final destination...Jerusalem. Using an abandoned, beachside hotel -- The Red Sea Diving Resort -- as a base, the Ethiopians can be smuggled out of Sudan by boat to Israel. Convincing his superiors that he can make it work, and recruiting a team of trusted allies, including Sammy, Rachel (Haley Bennett), Jake (Michael Huisman), and Max (Alex Hassell), Ari sets the plan in motion. The sham resort is up and "running" when the crew makes its first successful nighttime rescue. Then another, and another, until the entire operation is threatened by Sudanese Colonel Abdul Ahmed (Chris Chalk), whose relentless efforts to stop them have dire results.
Starring Chris Evans, Michael Kenneth Williams, Haley Bennett
Director Gideon Raff