The Sandlot Journey
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The “Sandlot” is one of those mystical, magical places in childhood, a place where dreams begin and boys and girls learn the art of working together to accomplish a single goal.. to have fun... You only get so much time to spend with your kids. You need to make sure that when it's all said and done, you have no regrets. Our kids really do need us. The times have certainly changed. Things have gotten hectic and the pressures on our children are ever increasing. Kids still have the same dreams and they need the Sandlot time to play. They have to be able to play fearlessly, take chances and be supported. Most importantly they need YOU. The Sandlot Journey shows what a positive impact coaches can have on these young athletes. Parents and Coaches need to know that kids hear you, they see you and they need your support. They Sandlot Journey is a guide to help Coaches and Parents navigate through the journey of little league sports.... with no regrets. Winner, IndieFEST Film Awards Award of Excellence and Inpact Docs! Awards Award of Excellence.
Starring George Brett, Kathy Calcara, Grant Chandler
Director Rick Waggener